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WE are committed to promote traditional workouts.



Get in your best shape with traditional Kusthi exercises and workouts inspired by Indian Traditional Martial Arts. Opportunity to purchase courses of your choice which also allow you to access detailed tutorial videos 24 X 7. Offline/online Seminars will also be arranged in the future.

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Be a part of SANKUKAI and learn traditional shotokan Karate. SANKUKAI Organization is world renowned Shotokan Style headed by Soke Takeshi Kitagawa which provides an Unified Certification in both Color Belts and Black belts. Wonderful opportunity to become a certified Instructor.

Kalari Dhoti

Kalari Dhoti

Kalaripayattu Dhoti is a traditional garment which allows complete freedom of movement and comfort. Made of 100% cotton, this Dhoti is suitable for all kinds of physical activities like Martial arts and workouts.

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Opportunity to impart the skills after mastering our courses through special online/offline training seminars. Join Us as an Instructor

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If you have a special skill or art join us as a trainer upload your own courses or conduct training using Sentojutsu portal.

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Visit and train in Kalari, explore Kerala under our tourism program


What first started as "Karate TV" YouTube Channel has beautifully sprouted to into initiative to revive the Martial and fitness culture of India. In the same pursuit initiative like "Sentojutsu"(online training portal), "Routes2unwind" (Tourism Program), "Kalari Dhoti" (Traditional Garment) "MuddyMuscles" have taken birth.


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700 Years old Kalari

Kalaripayattu is the oldest form of martial arts, it is also known as the mother of all existed martial arts.  It is practiced in southern parts of India especially Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  It teaches even treatment, so it is also known to the complete martial arts

Kusthi (Indian Wrestling)

Malla Yudha is the oldest form of modern wrestling, there are several variations are practiced in different regions of India. This is practiced in mud also known as mud wrestling.  It is also mentioned in Mahabharata, the premier character, Bhima was considered to the champion of champions of that time.  Later during the rule of Mugal the art was mixed with Mangolian wresting and some other Asian wresting  were incorporated with malla-yudha and people started called it Pehlwani. 

Hanuman Dand

Hanuman Dand is a traditional Indian Exercise used in wrestling (kushti). This is a variation of Dand (Indian push-up) that includes the Stretching of your legs. This is a push-up that helps in boosting your stamina, strength, Mobility, flexibility, and explosiveness.

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