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Health and fitness have been man’s most important weapons for survival ever since the dawn of time. Survival of the fittest is a concept that stands the test of time.  If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us it is the importance of being fit.  Fitness as a way of life is not only important for survivability but also for well-being.  India being one of the oldest civilizations in the world which for a long time was un-disturbed and peaceful due to geographical factors in terms of security and environmental richness in terms of well-being, developed a whole culture for wellness which included yoga, Vyayam (Exercises) and martial arts.  Many of the modern systems of fitness and martial arts find their roots in the Indian culture. Bharat has a number of different systems of exercise, yoga, spirituality, and martial arts.  



Kushti, Malla-yuddha, and Kalaripayattu being the most popular Indian martial arts forms, are the areas where we intend to begin with.  It consists of a number of interesting exercise systems from bodyweight exercises to resistance training which largely focuses on functional fitness by working on the practitioner’s strength, flexibility, mobility, and explosiveness.  Many of these exercises find their roots in yoga asanas. these comprise mainly of various push-ups, squats, and mace or Gada exercises.  Specialized video modules and live online/offline classes for each one of these systems are our aims for the future. 

"A lot of this priceless knowledge is on the verge of extinction which is why we think it is time to revive these arts by making them available to the whole world"